A shift is sweeping through Brooklyn Properties and opening up new opportunities for investors. Brooklyn properties are being rezoned, and investors who act fast and time acquisitions can purchase commercial real estate with positive equity potential and the ability to generate more revenue.

Brooklyn Properties Are Going from Residential to Commercial

Previously residential properties in Brooklyn, NY are being rezoned to commercial. Due to surrounding real estate being built up over recent years, homes and residential areas can be purchased and repositioned for commercial use. Adaptive reuse is the name of the game, and commercial real estate investors can now acquire older residential properties in Brooklyn and convert them into revenue-generating structures to sell or lease.

Options for Brooklyn CRE Investors

Brooklyn commercial real estate now offers more options to investors looking to add to their portfolios and generate revenue. Because of rezoning, investors can leverage fix and hold strategies on Brooklyn properties, keeping them as single and multifamily rentals until they are ready for business tenants. Other investors are generating revenue by renovating properties and flipping them to business owners who are looking for real estate in great locations. And then there are some who want to turn rezoned Brooklyn properties into establishments to start creating higher revenue from businesses as quickly as possible.

Adaptive Reuse Properties in Brooklyn

Older Brooklyn homes present a lot of adaptive reuse potential to commercial real estate investors. Some have converted homes into successful spaces for private medical and mental health practices. Others are becoming shops, restaurants, bars, event venues, and almost anything else that falls within the zoning guidelines. There is a big difference between rent prices for residential and commercial tenants in Brooklyn, and local property investors are striking while the iron is hot.

Financing Brooklyn Properties

Commercial real estate investors can purchase, remodel, and even build out Brooklyn properties with a number of efficient and accessible funding methods. Conventional loans, fix and flip financing, construction loans and more can help investors purchase and turn around properties quickly for commercial use. At Express Capital Financing, we provide commercial real estate solutions designed specifically for Brooklyn property markets. If you want to take advantage of rezoning opportunities and expand your portfolio and earning potential, contact the experts at Express Capital Financing today.