Sometimes the success or failure of your company comes down to presentations of your products or services known as pitches. A good business pitch can inspire people who are integral to your business prosperity. Here are some tips to help you give impressive, well-executed pitches.

Do Your Research

A good business pitch lasts only a few minutes but takes much longer to prepare. Before you go before potential backers or clients to extol the value of your company, take the time to learn about the industry you work in, its history and your competitors. Be ready to field questions not only about the basics but about any details that someone brings up. Thorough preparation gives you confidence that is apparent to your audience.

Keep It Simple

Although you need to be aware of all relevant details, keep your actual presentation brief and to the point. Outline the main ideas of what you want to impart. If your audience wants to know details, they will ask you during the question period. The 10/20/30 rule posits that about 10 slides shared over twenty minutes with at least 30 point font form the basics of a successful business pitch.

Engage Your Audience

Good body language is integral to a successful business pitch. If necessary, practice at home in front of a mirror to be sure you don’t slouch, clench your fists or cross your arms. Fascinate your audience by making the pitch sound like a story in which they are participants. Avoid making your pitch come across as a pitch, but rather as a sharing of information that satisfies their curiosity.

Answer Questions

Have a question and answer period when you can go into more depth about the topics you outline in your initial presentation. This is the time that your detailed research comes into play. Leave your audience with the satisfied feeling of their queries being fully addressed.
If you have adequately prepared, a good business pitch seems easy and exciting. For more advice on success in business, contact Express Capital Financing.