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Loan Officer at Express Capital Financing

Tel: (646) 600-8883

If you’re looking for help getting a loan, or if you just want some more information about our lending operations, please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime. I’ll be happy to discuss your opportunity and explore the options that work best for you.

Fix & Flip Loan Application
Rental 360 1-4 Unit Application


RENTAL 360 1-4 Unit

Funding for Fix & Flips, Rental Properties, & Commercial Projects

Whether you’re looking for capital for a Fix & Flip, Rental, or Commercial property, we have a program to meet your needs.

Fix and Flip Loan Program Rental Loan Program Commercial Loan Program
Project Type 1-30 Unit Residences
Multi-Family Apartments
Mixed Use Buildings
(min. 50% residential)
Small Commercial
Single Family Residential
Multi-Family (2-4 Units)
Light Industrial/Warehouse
Loan Amount $6MM to $10MM $100,000 to $2,000,000 $250,000 - $40,000,000
Loan to Value (LTV) Up to 90% Up to 80% Up to 80%
Rent Coverage Ratio Not applicable 1.10x 1.1x
Loan Term 12-36 months 3/30 5/30
Fixed 30/30
up to 36 months
Interest Rate From 7.9% From 6.5% From 8.99%
Rehab Financing 100% Not Available 100%
Proceed Usage Purchase, Refinance, Renovation, Bridge, Cashout Purchase, Refinance, Cashout Purchase, Refinance, Cashout

Our Borrowing Requirements


We pride ourselves on closing deals quickly, however a quick closing is dependent on the cooperation of the borrower/broker. We can typically close 7 to 10 business days once we receive a full package.

  1. Initial call or email to determine feasibility of the loan
  2. Borrower/broker submit application
  3. Loan Officer issues term sheet
  4. Signed term sheet to start the process
  5. Borrower/Broker submits full document package
  6. Underwriting reviews file after a full package is in hand
  7. Underwriting request clarifying information (if needed)
  8. Borrower submits clarifying information (if needed)
  9. File goes to closing
  10. Done deal!

Borrower Experience

No previous experience required, as we can provide leverage and financing for newbie investors. However, in order to obtain maximum leverage, a borrower has to have purchased a minimum of 3 investment properties in the last 3 years. 3 years experience as a contractor, property manager, or real estate agent may still qualify. Experience of contractor, property manager or real estate qualifies for a higher leverage.


Express Capital Financing does not have a minimum credit score criteria. However, anyone with a score under 550 will require interest reserves payments.

Immediate Disqualifiers

  • Bankruptcy in the last 4 years / case-by-case
  • Foreclosure in the last 4 years / case-by-case
  • Short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure in the last 2 years
  • Financial crimes or fraud

Our Fee Schedule

Click on each fee for additional information

Application Fee = $0


Appraisal Deposit: $299 - $499

DUE: When the LOI is signed and returned

To confirm a fair value of the property as-is. If it’s a rehab project, then we will obtain an after-repair value as well.

Underwriting fee: Up to $1495


To assess the credit worthiness of the borrower and evaluate the risk of the loan. Obtain credit and background check, flood certificate, tax tracking, etc. Waived for repeat borrowers (minimum 3 deals)

Servicing Fee: $30


We require all borrowers to provide an executed ACH Authorization form and a copy of a voided check for the purpose of payment drafting. A servicing fee in the amount of $30 will be charged on any loans in which automatic payment drafting documents are not provided.

Document Prep and Attorney: $995+ *


We hire outside counsel to represent us at closing, draft documents, compliance, and review of title.

Variable Attorney Fees as needed. *Except NY. Document Preparation Fee is charged at a flat rate of $1,500.
Commercial: Varies by state.

Draw: $170 per draw

DUE: At time of disbursement

Includes fees for 3rd party inspection and internal management.

Due Diligence deposit: $0


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