Queens Commercial Mortgages: Sizing Up Financing Options

Queens, NY is showing a lot of potential for commercial real estate investors. From storefronts to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, healthcare centers, and more, investors and entrepreneurs can find many opportunities to purchase the property they want without breaking the bank. But not all Queens commercial mortgages are the same, and finding the right financing solution can take a bit of research.

What Is The Intent Of The Property Purchase?

The type of property being purchased in Queens, NY is just as important as the intent of the purchase. Some entrepreneurs are simply looking to move into larger facilities and create a base of operations. Investors usually look for Queen commercial mortgages which can be converted into profitable streams of revenue by renting or selling properties. Some are looking for commercial mortgages in Queens to start new construction projects. The purpose of the purchase can help narrow down the type of financing needed.

Queens Commercial Mortgages Are Not “One Size Fits All”

Traditional lending institutions try to place commercial real estate transactions into a “one size fits all” solution. More times than not, these loans either place too much debt on the books or fall way short of what is needed. The financing required to purchase a storefront, for example, is far different from the needs of a fix and flip project, and a whole other animal compared to the continuous need for forking capital during a ground-up construction project. The scope of your undertaking will help the right lender match you with the financing solution to help you carry out your plans successfully.

So Which Solution Is Best?

There are many financing options for Queens commercial mortgages. Something as simple as a storefront can usually be covered by conventional loans, and in some cases, SBA loans. Multifamily rentals usually use hard money loans, which utilize the value of the property itself as collateral for capital which can be utilized to repair and improve the property. Larger structures, such as office spaces and industrial facilities may use CMBS or mezzanine loans to offer robust financing while reducing the burden of debt. For large projects, such as multistage construction, there are specialized financing programs to ensure there is ample capital available at every step.

At Express Capital Financing, we offer funding solutions for Queens commercial mortgages of all shapes and sizes. Contact our team today to start exploring your options.