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Are you tired of lousy commission rates and poor management? Do you need better resources and a nationally recognized name? At Express Capital Financing, we want to help you advance your career. We reward hard work, experience and dedication.

Express Capital Financing is a direct money lender and a direct lender for commercial mortgages.


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Referral and Broker Program at a Glance

We work with industry professionals who enjoy helping customers achieve better financing solutions. Our team includes experts in a variety of fields, which means that your clients enjoy the confidence that comes with customized products. Express Capital Financing brokers belong to a collaborative team, and we value autonomy and the business you bring.

Our process allows for our brokers to have a smooth and simple experience, so they can continue to gain an advantage on their competition by freeing up their time to continue searching for new deals/clients. All you have to do is get us an application from your client and continue the search, will take care of the rest to fund the deal. Our staff works hard to get your deals closed in as quickly as 5 days. Once the deal has been complete, you get paid off the HUD and continue your search.

Our Products

If you want to properly serve your clients, you need to offer the products they want. We are a diverse lending provider with superior solutions for both small and large businesses. Plus, we’re SBA-approved to offer the 7(a) and 504 programs. We want to help you better understand the markets you work with. From bridge loans, business acquisition financing, hard money loans, and commercial real estate loans. We even offer unsecured business lines of credit for those with more nontraditional financing needs. Here is just a handful of industries we serve:

  • Real estate development
  • Retail
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Hard Money Loans

Own Your Deals

When you choose to partner with Express Capital Financing, your deals remain your deals. If we receive inquiries from repeat customers, we’ll always refer them right back to you. Regardless of whether or not we extend funding, we keep you in the driver seat as the primary point of contact.

Here’s What a Few of Our Brokers Have to Say:

“My clients needed a solution that was fast and flexible so they didn’t miss their window of opportunity on an investment property. Express Capital Financing came through with flying colors”
-Ed C.

“I had one client who needed to move into a larger space because her business was growing fast. Unfortunately, she had reached the limitations on borrowing from her bank. Express Capital Financing was able to offer a more agile solution to help acquire the new space she needed and maintain her momentum.”
-Joseph M.

“I use Express Capital Financing for all of my referrals. They are secure, confidential, and pay much better than other referral networks I’ve used. What’s more, if a client tries to go directly to them, Express Capital Financing sends them back to me, so I don’t miss out on any revenue.”
-Francesca L.

Call for an Interview

If you’re looking for higher commissions, better products and more freedom, then get in touch with Express Capital Financing. Additional perks include: Casual dress, office soda machine, competitive year end bonus, employee year end recognition. We’re currently interviewing candidates for our referral and broker program, and we’re happy to sit down with you to discuss any potential transaction. Nail those last minute deals by calling us today at 718-285-0806.