Today’s digital environment is changing the way businesses operate. If your small business isn’t keeping up with some of the trends, you may lose out to your competitors who are embracing technology to connect employees, customers and other stakeholders to share ideas and interact in fulfilling ways.

You have to balance the technology you use with your business culture, but you also need to keep with the changing work environments to keep your staff productive and effective in their jobs. Here are three different ways your small business can invest in digital transformation.

Using collaboration to increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is more important today than ever before. Collaborative tools allow your small business to provide interactive contacts with your customer to ensure they know and understand your product. You can also share expertise and build your brand through audio and video tools. When employees need to contact customers, using web conferencing makes it easy for everyone to attend.

Move into a collaborative environment to increase productivity

Remote meeting tools and technologies make it easier to have everyone in a meeting, even when the geographic distance doesn’t allow physical presence. Employees who see each other’s faces are more productive and trusting of team members. There are many tools which let employees work effectively across the miles.

Using collaboration to increase employee engagement

Today’s small business employees are working in different places, thanks to mobile technology. It’s important to keep your staff connected to keep them engaged to your product and service. Collaborative tools, such as team workspaces, online training and events and video meetings, keep employees in touch with each other, no matter where they work. Don’t forget to make it easy and safe to connect when they’re outside the office by offering access through secure connections.