Commercial real estate opportunities have opened up in Queens, and NYC investors are trying to secure properties with term mortgage loans while the iron is hot. However, not all term mortgages are the same, and finding the right lender who understands both financing and local property markets can be challenging to say the least.

A Lender Who Understands the Queens Property Market

Many lenders treat real estate as if all markets are the same. This is a myth, and a very big one, particularly in NYC. Queens property markets are vastly different from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Northern NJ, and everywhere else in the country. Even within Queens, there is a big distinction between the residential property market, the commercial real estate market, and commercial real estate used as residential, such as multi-unit apartment buildings and single-rental townhouses. When seeking term mortgages for commercial real estate in Queens, investors need to partner with a lender who understands the direction of the local market.

Favorable Term Mortgage Loans for Queens Properties

As mentioned above, many lenders treat term mortgages for commercial properties the same as private residences, which does not help commercial real estate investors in Queens. Going through traditional lending channels may have severe limits on the amount of financing offered, plus bank loans are subject to arbitrary interest rate hikes. CRE investors in Queens need something more in-line with their goals. Term mortgage loans, or conventional loans, are amortized into manageable monthly payments. For Queens properties, lower loan-to-value ratios usually qualify for higher financing with term mortgage loans because the higher equity poses a lower risk. Also, the right lender will provide fast closings and unrestricted cash outs to make acquisitions faster, and so local commercial real estate investors can start generating revenue from their properties.


Term mortgage loans should be applicable towards a wide range of revenue-generating property types in Queens, not just residential rentals. The right lender will work with you to assess a property for overall profitability in its prospective post-acquisition and renovation state, to get you the highest financing possible. Conventional term loans can be used for multifamily rentals, townhomes, funeral parlors, hospitals, franchises, office space, restaurants, retail shops, and everything in between.

At Express Capital Financing, we provide commercial real estate solutions designed specifically for property markets in Queens. If you are lining up a new acquisition, and are looking for a lender who will work with you to provide a loan tailored to your needs, contact the experts at Express Capital Financing today.