Sayed Rahman is financial and global remittance Business Development specialized person for South Asian community across USA last 18 years and side by side he doing real Investment business since last 15 years. Sayed worked with world third largest money Transfer company Ria Money Transfer, Trans-fast Remittance as a Business Development Manager and appointed more than 400 small business Owner as a independent agent those agent are making additional money beside of their business through his financial services and become financially freedom life.

Sayed Rahman develop his career with Real estate Investment and consultant for small group investor based in Greater New York. Also Sayed have four (4) Language speaking skills (Bangla, Hindi, Urdu and English) Which will be most convenient for South Asian community Investor and Developer. Sayed goal is continue to put investor and Develop in Batter position financially. Sayed make sure that new investor are welcome in a way that has become a customer in Express Capital.

Contact Information

Mobile: (646) 752-8316