Tal Ayash was born and raised in Israel. In 2010, Tal started his military service in the Israeli defense force (IDF) until 2014. In 2014 Tal Ayash came to New York and started his sales career in America as a general manager for a clothing company with 6 locations in Manhattan. From there Tal Ayash moved on to his next sales position and worked as an account manager selling Samsung products to wholesalers and insurance providers worldwide. Tal was attending different trade shows in the US as part of his job as an account manager in the wireless industry.

Two years later Tal saw an opportunity to learn the real estate and construction fields and worked as a property manager managing six buildings in the Crown Heights area. Dealing with mortgages, insurances, lease renewals, bills and supervising all buildings simultaneously.

His last job was in construction as a project manager, working on 3 different projects in Brooklyn. He got to learn all trades and was part of the interior design team in the decision making.
Name: Tal Ayash
Title: Loan Officer
Mobile: 347-737-7656
Direct Line: 929-565-5106
Address: 2625 E. 14th Street, 209 Brooklyn, NY 11235