Owning commercial real estate comes with a certain amount of responsibility. When you own a multifamily property, for example, you need to commit to regular maintenance of the buildings in your care. This is especially true when the seasons change. With winter around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to look at basic ways to prepare your commercial property for the coming shift in weather. Look over these tips to discover a plan of action for your needs.

Pipe Problems

One of the most important areas to focus your attention is the plumbing in your building. When the temperature drops, pipes can become quite hazardous. Should water get stuck in a pipe and freeze, it can lead to the plumbing breaking or bursting open and causing more serious damage to the property. Before the winter arrives, check the integrity of each pipe and repair any cracks you notice immediately.

HVAC Concerns

Another area to pay attention to with multifamily properties is the HVAC system. In order for your tenants to stay warm and comfortable throughout the colder months, your building needs to have a functional HVAC system. Regular maintenance on your units should help you avoid any lasting issues and spot problems before they turn into small disasters.

Lighting Concerns

Be sure to do a perimeter check of the property in addition to any indoor examinations you conduct. Outdoor lighting can be susceptible to the shifting temperatures, causing light fixtures to take on damage and bulbs to blow out. Before the winter arrives, be sure to take a look at all of the lighting fixtures surrounding your multifamily property and see if you need to add any extra protection to keep these areas secure.

Wet Floors

You will also find that it is helpful to check the building regularly throughout the winter in order to notice any problems that might have come up as the season has progressed. Wet floors tend to be commonplace during the winter, especially when snow covers the ground and people track it indoors with them as they move. Have someone on-hand in your building to mop and dry the floors regularly to avoid a situation where a renter slips and falls.

Prepping your property for the winter requires a little bit of forethought. Take your time and look at the most pressing areas of your real estate. Take action right away and keep your building and your tenants safe as the seasons change.