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Ground-up Construction Loans That Help You Build Bigger, Faster

Bigger loans, lower rates, and faster closings mean quicker profits. Our Ground-Up Construction Loans are the smartest way to finance your next development project.

Imagine a construction loan that's as flexible and reliable as you are. We've designed our ground-up construction loans with one goal in mind: to make your building project as smooth and successful as possible. With our Ground-Up Construction loan, you'll get all the benefits of a tailored loan with none of the drawbacks: no prepayment penalties, no hidden fees, no hidden costs—just flexibility and reliability when you need it most.

Our Unique Ground-Up Construction Loan Offerings

Our Ground-Up Construction Loan Terms

Our loan terms are designed to provide you with the transparency and flexibility you need to fuel your development projects.

Rate and Terms Overview

nt_header_0Ground Up Construction
Project Type1-4 Unit Residences, Condominiums, 5+ Unit Multi Family
Loan Amount$75,000 - $5,000,000
Loan To Value (LTV)Up to 90% LTC
Rent Coverage RatioNot Applicable
Loan Term12-36 Months
Interest RateStarting at 9.99%+
Rehab Financing100%
Proceed UsagePurchase, Refinance, Renovation, Bridge,
Those Who QualifyUS Citizens, Foreign Nationals, Permanent Resident Alien
Minimum Credit Score620 (Lower is case-by-case)

Seamless Ground-Up Construction Financing Starts Here

For investors seeking ease, simplicity, and transparency in their ground-up construction loans, our application process is your gateway to streamlined funding. From the initial consultation to the final funding stage, we've tailored every step to be straightforward – so you can experience uncomplicated success on your construction project journey.

Discuss Your Deal and Goals

Connect with your dedicated loan officer to discuss your unique project and financial objectives.

Customized Loan Quote

We’ll prepare a personalized loan quote, crafted specifically for your project, so it aligns perfectly with your goals.

Document Collection and Review

Our streamlined process involves collecting and reviewing the necessary documentation, making the paperwork hassle-free for you.

You’ve Secured Funding

Congratulations! It’s time to get excited about your project becoming a reality with Express Capital Financing.

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Why Choose Express Capital Financing For Your Next Ground-Up Construction Project?

Quick Funding

Get fast, reliable financing to seize opportunities with unmatched speed.

Maximum Leverage

Maximize your real estate portfolio effortlessly with higher leverage.

Unmatched Flexibility

Enjoy tailored loans that flexibly adapt to your needs and goals.

Ground-Up Construction Success Stories

Get a front-row seat to the real stories and triumphs behind our ground-up construction loans. These success stories showcase the power of our tailored ground-up construction loans, proving that your vision, backed by our support, can become a reality.

Ground-Up Construction Loan FAQs

When you're facing a ground-up construction project, it's important to avoid making mistakes that could hinder profitability. To start with, research the local demand and employment prospects in your area. You should also consider things like nearby amenities and any zoning requirements that might affect your project. It's also crucial to accurately estimate expenses, set realistic timelines for the project and maintain open communication with stakeholders. If you overlook these steps, you could end up losing money on unnecessary delays and penalties.

Boise, Idaho, emerges as a promising investment market, driven by depleted inventory levels and a surge in demand. With population and job growth three times the national average, Boise becomes an ideal location for initiating ground-up investment ventures. Dallas, Texas, with its ongoing population influx, anticipates sustained housing demand and foresees a doubling of its population within 15 years. Similarly, Atlanta, Georgia, experiences consistent housing demand, driven by a 14% population growth in the past decade, making it a potentially lucrative ground-up construction site for investors.  Ground-up construction in these markets offers potential for long-term profits and successful real estate ventures.

Explore thriving opportunities for ground-up construction in these key U.S. cities. Jacksonville, Florida, is a hotspot for construction, with heightened demand for housing driving the industry forward. Despite recent challenges, builders in Jacksonville are thriving, and the construction sector remains dynamic. In Austin, Texas, a robust construction industry is fueled by consistent population growth. Raleigh, North Carolina, is also a thriving construction landscape, especially in warehouse space, indicating sustained growth and favorable conditions for developers seeking financing for their projects.

Opting for a ground-up construction loan in Florida provides unparalleled advantages, offering investors total control and uncapped flexibility. Unlike renovating existing structures, constructing from scratch allows tailored features, eliminating compromises. Investor engagement throughout the design and construction phases ensures active involvement and careful budget monitoring. Simplified compliance, cost-effectiveness, and avoidance of hidden expenses make ground-up construction loans an appealing choice for savvy investors seeking a personalized and profitable venture in Florida's real estate market.

For Georgia investors seeking ground-up construction loans, selecting the right location is crucial. In Roswell, a sought-after Atlanta suburb, a growing population, charming historic district, and rising home values create a lucrative opportunity. Atlanta, with over 5.5 million residents and rapid growth, presents a smart real estate investment, especially in The West End—a picturesque and affordable community. Columbus, Georgia's third-largest city, offers diverse neighborhoods and a thriving market, making it an ideal location for new property development with consistent price appreciation trends.

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