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Partner With Us for a Brighter Future in Real Estate

Maximize your success as a broker or referral partner by joining forces with Express Capital Financing. Unlock a world of benefits, including competitive commission structures, fast and flexible financing options, and dedicated support to seamlessly navigate real estate transactions. As our valued partner, you gain access to our diverse lending portfolio tailored to both small and large businesses, ensuring you have the tools to meet your client's unique needs.

Close more deals, save more time, and earn more money with Express Capital Financing, your direct lending partner.

Our Partner Program at a Glance


Our team are experts in a variety of fields meaning that your clients enjoy the confidence that comes with customized products.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Join a collaborative team environment that values your autonomy.


By simplifying the financing experience, we free up your time to continue searching for new deals and expanding your clients.

Quick Turnaround Times

Benefit from our commitment to closing your deals in as little as 5 days.


Enjoy timely payments once a deal is successfully closed, allowing you to reinvest in your business.

Your Deals

Any repeat customer inquiries received are referred back to you, strengthening your client relationships and fostering future business opportunities.

Our Premiere Partner Programs

Our partnership program offers a range of advantages designed to elevate your business and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


Our broker program was developed to help you generate additional income while offering your clients access to specialized lending products.

Referral Partners

We are committed to helping our various partners, including conventional mortgage lenders, realtors, CPAs, real estate wholesalers, and other real estate professionals, succeed by providing them with an opportunity to earn commissions for repeat customers.

Our Loan Programs

We offer a comprehensive suite of loan programs with competitive rates, high leverage, and personalized structures—all backed by our trusted expertise and fast funding solutions.

Here’s What a Few of Our Partners Have to Say


A real estate referral agent is a licensed real estate professional who is not licensed in the state the client is located or doesn't actively engage in the buying or selling of properties but instead focuses on referring clients to other real estate agents or brokers. This type of agent typically earns a referral fee or commission when the referred client successfully completes a real estate transaction.

Referral agents often have a network of contacts and connections in the real estate industry, and they leverage these relationships to match clients with experienced and qualified real estate professionals. This can be beneficial for both parties involved: the client gets connected with a knowledgeable agent, and the referral agent earns a fee without the responsibilities associated with handling the entire transaction.

Expertise and Network: Referral brokers often have a wide network of experienced real estate professionals. This can be beneficial for clients seeking a knowledgeable and reputable agent for their specific needs.

Time and Effort Savings: Clients who are referred to a real estate professional by a referral broker can save time and effort in finding a suitable agent. The referral broker does the legwork of identifying and connecting clients with qualified professionals.

Access to Specialized Agents: Referral brokers may have access to agents with expertise in specific niches or areas. This can be particularly advantageous for clients with unique requirements, such as commercial real estate, luxury properties, or specialized markets.

Reduced Stress for Clients: Clients working with a referral broker can experience reduced stress in the process of finding an agent. They can trust that the referral broker has already vetted and recommended an agent who is a good fit for their needs.

Increased Business for Referral Agents: For the referral agent, working with a referral broker can be a source of income without the full responsibilities of actively handling real estate transactions. Referral agents typically earn a referral fee or commission for successful transactions resulting from their referrals.

Expand Geographic Reach: Referral brokers can facilitate connections between clients and agents in different geographic areas. This is especially useful for clients relocating to a new city or region.

Compliance with Regulations: Real estate transactions are subject to various regulations, and working with a referral broker can help ensure compliance. Referral brokers often have a good understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of real estate transactions.

Brokers play an active role in connecting clients with lenders, guiding them through the application process, and offering advice on financing options. 

Referral Partners, while embedded in the industry, don't actively seek lenders and borrowers. Instead, they leverage their network to connect clients seeking financing options with reputable lenders are familiar with and trust

No, you do not need a license to Broker loans to Express Capital Financing. As investment- only lenders catering to businesses, licensing is not required.

Yes! As a direct lender, Express Capital Financing streamlines the loan process, provides quicker approvals, and more flexibility for our partners. Become a partner today to experience the benefits firsthand!

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