Commercial real estate investors typically have multiple properties in their portfolios. Whether it is flipping houses, renting out office space, or building a grand hotel, CRE investors are focused on finances and projects. Since commercial real estate investors cannot be in all places at once, they often resort to property management companies to take care of details and keep things running smoothly. But what exactly do property management companies offer that makes them so attractive?


On a very basic level, property management companies make sure rental properties, store fronts, office spaces, and more are fully functional. Property management will take care of plumbing, electrical work, minor construction, and other maintenance to keep tenants happy.

Rent Prices

On a higher level, property management companies are constantly reviewing rent in a given area, to ensure commercial real estate investors get fair and competitive revenue from their properties. They will also monitor market changes, and increase rent – usually on a yearly basis – accordingly.


Property management companies keep track of rent owed by tenants, and will handle any issues if residents have outstanding balances. This ensures properties are constantly generating revenue, and that CRE investors are getting the most out of their real estate transactions.

Property Management Companies Streamline Diverse Portfolios

Most property management companies handle a lot more than one piece of real estate at a time. Since commercial real estate investors are big on portfolio diversification, most management companies are equally agile. A single property management company will usually handle multiple residential, office, retail, and even healthcare properties, for multiple investors.


Owning a number of commercial properties will not generate revenue if no one is occupying them. Most property management companies will take care of promoting available spaces to bring in tenants. Additionally, property management will take care of processing applications, running background and credit checks, and ensuring the people and businesses renting your spaces are trustworthy and financially sound.

Legal Documents

Property management companies are usually well-versed in local, state, and federal laws. They can draw up lease agreements delineating what tenants can and cannot do, as well as what the property owner and management companies are responsible for. Additionally, some management companies will mediate disputes between tenants, and understand the process of eviction and/or when tenants are in violation of lease agreements.

If you own office space, would like to have someone manage multifamily rentals, or any other commercial real estate, then browsing the various property management companies in your area could save you both time and money.