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At Express Capital Financing, we pride ourselves on quickly securing the best funding for our clients. Explore some of our range of featured funded deals, with loans of all sizes.

Every month we help our clients across the US secure funding for their property investment projects. Take a look through our Feature Fundings for the past few years to see the wide scope of Express Capital Financing’s loan programs. Whatever size of project you are undertaking, we have a loan program to suit your needs.

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Ready to start your application for one of Express Capital Financing's hard money loans? The application process has been meticulously tailored for ease, simplicity and transparency. With speed and flexibility in mind—we make our process as transparent as possible so there are no surprises along the way.

Discuss Your Deal and Goals

Connect with your dedicated loan officer to discuss your unique project and financial objectives.

Customized Loan Quote

We’ll prepare a personalized loan quote, crafted specifically for your project, so it aligns perfectly with your goals.

Document Collection and Review

Our streamlined process involves collecting and reviewing the necessary documentation, making the paperwork hassle-free for you.

You’ve Secured Funding

It’s time to get excited about your project becoming a reality with Express Capital Financing.

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Get inspiration from other investors who used Express Capital Financing to secure financing for their property investment projects.


We know how challenging it can be for landlords and commercial property owners/investors to secure funding for real estate. At this time, we only provide financing to commercial clients/investors who are LLCs and corporations for nonowner-occupied properties.

We provide funding nationwide, with the exception of the following states: Nevada, South Dakota and North Dakota

Our closing process can be as short as 7 days. After the first deal is in, we can close in 5-7 days. Our processing clock starts from the initial point of contact.

We do not provide 100 percent funding on all deals. We provide 100 percent financing for rehab expenses. For purchase contracts, we provide up to 90 percent in funding. On rehab properties, we provide financing based on the after-rehab value (ARV). Rehab borrowers can receive 75% of their property’s ARV.

Costs that borrowers are expected to cover themselves include any over budget expenses for rehab properties, loan interest and settlement fees.

The application process is fast and simple. Ideally, we expect potential borrowers to include in their loan application a deal summary, proposed scope of work and purchase contract. 

Depending on the deal, we may also ask for property comparisons. We’ll review your application and contact you right away to discuss your investment opportunity and inform you about lending requirements and borrower expectations.

We do not require any money from you upfront. Appraisals are required for all approved applications. You do not pay any fees until you receive our terms and conditions sheet regarding your deal.

We know that real estate deals are time-sensitive matters. We encourage you to complete the prequalification process to know exactly where you stand with us. Our loan experts do not believe in wasting your time or giving you the runaround. 

Once you complete the prequalification/preapproval process, you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours. Our loan professionals speak to and meet with all borrowers before closing. 

If you have a question that is not answered here or on our full FAQ page, or you are ready to apply to get the funds you need right away, contact us at Express Capital Financing to let us know. We’ll be more than happy to address your concerns, and clear up any confusion you may have and get your funding underway.

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