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Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned investor, we have the resources for you. From our extensive library of recorded webinars to our interactive calculators, our Insights and Resources Center will help you make better decisions and succeed as a real estate investor.

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From powerful deal calculators that demystify complex financial scenarios to thought-provoking blogs that unravel industry trends, from exclusive events and webinars to our trusted affiliate partners – this is your go-to hub for staying ahead and making informed decisions in real estate.


Stay informed with our latest insights, industry trends, and expert tips on real estate investment.


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Fix and Flip Calculator

Estimate costs, analyze potential returns, and make data-driven decisions for successful fix and flip ventures.

DCSR Loan Calculator

Evaluate your ability to cover loan payments and make informed decisions about your investment's financial viability.

Real Testimonials, Real Success Stories

Discover the impact of Express Capital Financing through the eyes of those who have experienced the power of our investor-friendly terms, efficient funding, and unwavering support, resulting in successful and profitable real estate investments.

a week ago
Natasha was extremely helpful. She was very patient and answered all of my questions.
a month ago
i want to thank John and the rest of the team at express capital funding for making this the fastest and easiest process to obtain the loan and construction budget for our project we were kept informed daily by email with the progress and status of our loan and it took them less than 3 weeks start to finish to get our million dollar purchase and a $260,000 construction budget done. i have never worked with a lender that made this go so fast i would recommend them over any other lender out there.
2 months ago
I worked with Mr. Martin (Marty) Chera and Mr. Matthew Gulley at Express Capital Financing. It was my first investment purchase with this lending firm and they were very diligent and professional. They were able to exercise flexibility with their requirements when the appraisal noted that the home I intended to purchase was a rural property and had an additional lot attached that required extra steps to get to closing. They could have simply declined to proceed with lending on this property but instead they worked to adjust the loan terms and requirements to ensure I could close on this property. Many thanks to all those who assisted with my closing and I look forward to a continued successful business relationship with your firm! - Janet D
3 months ago
A pleasure to work with!
4 months ago
I had a good experience with John Sotiropoulos. He was the person helping me and my team to get our property funded. Good in terms of communication.
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