It’s easy enough to find real estate investing scams and house flippers who make a few cosmetic changes and resell a house that’s not really fixed up. However, if you want to become a credible house flipper here are 3 steps to do just that.

1. Be Honest

Honesty in house flipping may be lacking in some, so to become a credible house flipper, be one of the honest ones. Find out about all the things that need fixing in the house you’re flipping, and then fix them. Do the best work you can either yourself, or by hiring it out to make sure everything is up to code and livable standards. If there are some things you choose to leave up to the home buyer to fix, disclose those in the sale.

2. Be Invested in the Community

It’s clear when people are invested in a community. When you are a credible house flipper you create better neighborhoods for people to live in at affordable prices. You add value to neighborhoods which affects people’s lives in a positive way. By doing this you also bring more tax money into the community because house values will increase.

3. Hire and Buy Locally

Right in line with investing in a community is the idea of investing locally in goods and services. When you need to hire, contract work out locally to plumbers, electricians, and laborers. Buy supplies at local businesses such as lumber yards and hardware stores. Create relationships with business owners and show them that you’re a credible house flipper by your honesty, integrity, and quality work.

As a credible house flipper, you can do what you love, make money to support yourself and your family, create great places for others to live, and invest in the communities in which you work. You can also show others how to do what you do, so they can become credible house flippers too.

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