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Best Cities for a Ground-Up Construction Loan in Georgia

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Georgia city skyline ripe for ground up construction investment - ECF

Georgia is a peach of a state (pun intended) for real estate investors seeking to utilize a ground-up construction loan to fund their next project.

As the 8th most populated state in the entire country, Georgia has a diverse and vibrant demographic with a wide range of outdoor recreational activities to suit just about any lifestyle. From hiking on the famed Appalachian Trial in the northern region of the state, taking a beachside stroll in the southeast or enjoying the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta.

From big city urban vibes to relaxed country living, Georgia is truly the ideal spot to build your next investment project and lock in a sustainable, long-term passive income stream to aid your efforts in building generational wealth.

Georgia home values have risen across the board as the statewide market continues what has been a truly impressive bounce-back from the COVID-19 shutdown and the good news is that experts don’t expect this trend to slow down anytime soon. Location is everything when it comes to ensuring the overall viability of an investment project.

To that end, here is a closer look at some of the most promising markets across the state of Georgia to help you get started on selecting a location to break ground on your new project.


Roswell is an in-demand Atlanta suburb with a fast-growing population of approximately 100,000. The community boasts a charming 640-acre historic district featuring several attractions ranging from ghost tours, restaurants, festivals, shopping, theatre, and the pristine trails running along the banks of the nearby Chattahoochee River. The average sales price is in the neighborhood of $400,000 and is continuing to increase annually. The average rental price is in the mid $1300s and new units typically only spend under two weeks on the market before they are rented. With home values expected to increase between 3-5% in the next five consecutive years, Roswell is a great market to build a new construction property, and the active transactional nature of the local real estate marketplace ensures that your property will not sit vacant on the market for long which is excellent news for your bottom line and staying on track in terms of time and budget.


Hands down one of the smartest real estate investment moves in the entire country let alone Georgia is to get your foot in the door of the Atlanta market. The State Capital located in North Georgia is home to over 5.5 million people and the U.S. Census Bureau anticipates this number to increase to over 8 million by 2022 which is a growth rate of over 100% the national average. This exponential population growth is quickly creating an insatiable demand for housing options, meaning that savvy real estate investors have a distinct opportunity to capitalize on this dynamic location. A great place to start is The West End, which is chock-full of picturesque, historic communities that offer a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The average property value in The West End is an affordable $153,000 and the average rent price is $752 per month making it a desirable destination for price-conscious homebuyers and renters alike.


Columbus is the third-largest community in the state and the fourth-largest metro center. The city is comprised of 33 distinct neighborhoods with several development opportunities for real estate investors looking to build new properties. The average list price of Columbus properties is around $170,000, which is an impressive 9.4% annual increase. This hidden gem offers an enviably unique blend of a vibrant artsy energy with a rich local culture and mouth-watering food scene. What’s more, it’s also ideally located close to numerous outdoor activities for those seeking an active lifestyle. All told, it is the perfect place for investors to develop a new property and maximize what all industry experts anticipate will be a consistent price appreciation trend over the coming years.


Savannah in South Georgia offers unique opportunities in a city known for its historic charm, picturesque waterfront, and growing economy. While Savannah’s historic district is protected and regulated to preserve its architectural heritage, there are still numerous areas in and around the city where new construction is possible and can be highly profitable. Savannah has a growing population, and there is a demand for new residential developments. You can consider construction projects such as building single-family dwellings or multi-family units, townhouses, or condominiums in the areas surrounding the historic district. That being said, Savannah also offers opportunities for commercial development. Office spaces, retail centers, and mixed-use developments can be successful, especially in areas like the Savannah Historic District and surrounding neighborhoods.

Whichever location you choose for your next ground-up construction project, securing the correct funding is paramount. Let’s take a look at some financing options you might want to consider.

Types of Construction Loans Available in Georgia

A construction loan can be a great way to fund your dream home or commercial building project. Construction loans are short-term financing solutions that provide the funds needed to finance the cost of materials and labor required for a construction project. In Georgia, there are several types of construction loans available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Bridge loans

A bridge loan is a short-term construction loan to cover expenses until long-term financing can be arranged. Bridge loans are typically used for ground-up construction projects and allow borrowers to finance their projects without having to take on a huge financial burden all at once.

Permanent loan

This is a long-term mortgage that pays for the entire construction project at once. Permanent financing is ideal for covering construction costs of larger projects such as apartment complexes or large commercial developments, and it can be used to fund ground-up construction projects.

Owner-Builder Construction Loan

An owner-builder construction loan is designed for individuals who want to act as their own general contractor or builder. It provides financing for the construction process while allowing the borrower to manage the project. These loans may have specific requirements and can be more challenging to qualify for.

Commercial Construction Loan

For commercial projects, such as office buildings, retail centers, or industrial facilities, commercial construction loans provide financing for land acquisition and construction expenses. These loans can vary in terms and requirements depending on the lender.

Single-close Construction Loan

A single-close construction loan, also known as a one-time closing construction loan, is a great option for ground-up construction projects. With this type of loan, the borrower only has to pay one set of closing costs and they are able to lock in a permanent rate once the construction phase is complete. This can help make budgeting for your project much easier since you’ll know exactly what your costs will be upfront.

These are just a few of the different types of construction loans available in Georgia. Each loan has its own unique features, so it’s important to research all of your options before making a final decision. When you’re ready to apply for funding, make sure to do your due diligence and compare loan offers from multiple construction lenders to ensure you get the most competitive rate possible.

Choose The Right Financing Partner

Express Capital Financing offers efficient and accessible ground-up construction loans geared towards real estate investors looking to optimize their business. We have the experience and resources to get you the money you need when you need it. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in upping your investment game!


The construction loan process involves submitting various documents, such as the borrower’s credit history and financial information. To qualify, construction loan applicants must have a good credit score and a stable personal income. Additionally, they must provide an acceptable appraisal of the property to be built and prove that all necessary permits have been obtained. In some cases, borrowers may also need to provide evidence that insurance has been obtained to cover the construction project.


The key to securing a successful ground-up construction loan in Georgia is choosing the right lender. It’s important to shop around and compare offers from multiple lenders to ensure you’re getting a competitive interest rate and terms. Be sure to review the loan terms carefully before signing any agreements, as some private money lenders may have specific requirements that need to be met. It’s also important to make sure that the lender you choose has experience in funding ground-up construction projects.

Yes, it is possible to make interest-only payments during the construction phase. During this period, the borrower is only responsible for paying the interest that accrues on the loan each month. Making these payments during construction helps to reduce the amount of cash upfront that needs to be put into the project while still allowing the borrower to work through the construction period.

When it comes to construction loans, the down payment typically depends on the type of loan and the lender. For a standard ground-up construction loan in Georgia, a typical down payment could range from 20%-35% depending on the market and the lender's requirements. The down payment may also be influenced by the borrower's financial situation, including factors such as the credit profile, income level, current debt-to-income ratio, and the size of the project.

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