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Best Fix-and-Flip Financing Options for the Spring and Summer Seasons

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Although the real estate market never sleeps, it does follow fairly predictable seasonable patterns of fluctuation in terms of activity: Inventory generally peaks in the spring and summer months along with prices. 

While every local market is understandably unique in terms of the buying and selling cycle, the warmer seasons typically represent the hottest (pun intended) months of activity. 

The Busiest Seasons for Fix & Flip Investors

The busiest time of year is undoubtedly in the springtime. According to a statistical analysis conducted by online real estate database Zillow, homes listed in May sell around 18.5 days faster and for one percent more than the average listing at any other time of the year. 

Data also suggests that property transactions taking place from mid-March to mid-April are completed 15% faster and for two percent more than average. Whether its spring, summer, fall or winter, the fact remains: a considerable number of homes sell each and every day.

How to Make the Most of Seasonal Fix and Flip Market Changes

Savvy fix and flip investors understand the importance of seasonal real estate marketing, learning seasonal trends and how they can be applied to marketing efforts. 

Understanding real estate buying habits during seasonal peaks is important in real estate, especially when marketing to potential post-rehab homebuyers. If nothing else, investors will have a better understanding of their current and future client base.

But in order to proactively take advantage of these seasonal market activity trends, real estate investors need to have the money they need on hand to beat out the competition. 

Because the spring and summer seasons see a dramatic uptick in the number of transactions, that means there are droves of frantic people shopping for a home—which equates to more competition in acquiring promising renovation properties at an ideal price point. 

That’s where private lending comes into play. The experienced professionals here at Express Capital Financing can tailor-fit a financing package that fits all of your needs at a fraction of the time it takes conventional lenders. 

But Wait, Why Should I Take a Private Money Loan?

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits private money loans have for fix and flip projects during this busy time of year for real estate investors.

Time is Money

A fix and flip loan is essentially a customizable short-term bridge loan used to acquire a property with the intent to sell it for a profit after the rehabilitation projects are completed. 

They’re the ideal solution when you have to close fast and require a higher-than-usual leverage. 

At Express Capital Financing, our fix and flip loans close quickly and come with personalized attention to detail that gives you the peace-of-mind that you will have the funding you need to close the fix and flip property transactions you need to in order to diversify your investment portfolio.


Whether you’re in the market for single family, multi-family or mixed use properties for your upcoming fix and flip project, we can work with you to build a financing plan that fits your specific situation. 

Our fix and flip loans are a great way to start leveraging your existing capital and generate more income with the ability to close and flip multiple properties simultaneously—which means a healthier bottom line for you at the end of the day.

Streamlined Approval

Obtaining a loan approval from a conventional bank can be a lengthy and frustrating process-especially for real estate investors. 

Fix and flip investors are usually buying distressed properties and require expedited financing. Bank financing typically has extensive application procedures that can be too time-intensive for these type of transactions. 

Banks also heavily weigh the buyer’s credit history and may not have the pertinent knowledge to properly credit the investor’s expertise and experience in turning a profit from fix and flip deals. 

Whether you have a less than stellar credit score or need funding in a hurry, Express Capital Financing is here to provide solutions. We use the underlying property as collateral—meaning that if you have a viable business plan for your fix and flip project, the approval process will be far more efficient and costly as compared to the conventional route.

Apply For a Fix & Flip Loan Today

Fix-and-flip investing requires flexible funding options and a trusted lender with adequate experience in this niche area of the market. Express Capital Financing offers both of these qualities and much more!

We specialize in providing a client-focused approach to real estate lending that entails a streamlined underwriting process and competitive terms.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your investing goals.

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