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Mastering Strategic Profit Discretion During a Wholesale Deal

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Wholesaling can be an easy way to make money because there’s low risk with a high profit. What you may not know is that a seller can throw a wrench in your earnings when they see your profits on the closing statement.

Use these tips to handle strategic profit disclosure on your fix and flip to avoid costly mistakes.

Know Your Seller

The sellers you’re looking for when wholesaling have to sell quickly at a low price. As you develop a keener insight, you will learn when it’s good to disclose profits or keep them private.

Remember that the seller has likely invested a ton of time and money into this home. Being compassionate about the seller’s loss will help you tap into their state of mind and choose the best strategy for disclosing profits.

When to Disclose Profits on a Wholesale Deal

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Be transparent with the owner about your profits if you sense that the owner will not resent you for it. Offering full disclosure can help you save money and avoid further legal steps down the road. Even better, you could buy and sell it on the same day.

How to Hide Profits from Fix and Flip Seller

If you can’t disclose the profits, the next best scenario is getting paid in cash. Ask the buyer to pay the profit in an assignment fee! The cash will not be on the closing statement for the seller to view.

Otherwise, you may be forced to do two closings; one with the seller and one with the buyer. This can be quick but expensive as transactional costs will decrease your revenue from the deal. You’ll keep the profit margin a secret from the seller but there will be a cost to you.

In these instances, loan buyers are not preferred as they exclude the two-close approach. A mortgage broker can sometimes create a no-title-seasoning-requirement loan, but most loan underwriters don’t allow an assignment fee.

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Dive Into the World of Wholesaling With Confidence

Remember, thorough research and preparation are key as you embark on your first wholesale venture. By mastering strategic profit discretion techniques, you can navigate complex situations with ease and efficiency. 

If you’re gearing up to invest in a wholesale project and seeking the perfect financing fit, look no further than Express Capital Financing! Our dedicated team is here to swiftly secure the financing you need, making your investment journey seamless and successful. Contact us today to get started! 

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