Your staff needs time to refresh themselves during the workday. Providing an inviting space for breaks encourages your employees to relax, destress, and enjoy a few minutes to themselves before heading back to the grind.

If your break room is dirty, dingy, small, or smelly, your team will not get the benefits of their breaks, leading to frustration and an overworked, stressed-out team. Follow these guidelines to transform your boring break room into a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the office.

Get Input From Your Employees
Find out what your team is looking for in a break room, and work to incorporate their ideas into the space. If they want better seating or more appliances, those are easy, inexpensive fixes that can go a long way towards boosting morale.

Make it a Work-Free Zone
Since this is a space to get away from the daily grind, encourage employees to leave the office at their desks. Set break room policies that discourage supervisors or other employees from interrupting with work tasks.

Establish Quiet Spaces
For those team members that are looking for a few moments of peace and quiet, consider setting up separate quiet areas where your staff can get away from it all. It could be as simple as a soft chair in a peaceful corner, or you can design a more elaborate area for total relaxation.

Keep the Coffee Flowing
Good coffee is one of those small pleasures that can elevate a workplace in the minds of your employees. An investment in a quality setup can go a long way towards improving employee satisfaction and encouraging restful breaks.

Set Clear Cleanliness Guidelines
Make sure there is a clear policy outlining expectations of cleanliness. If your new break room is filled with dirty dishes and trash, no one will end their break feeling good about their workday.

A great break room leads to a happier, more productive workforce, so be sure your space suits the needs of your team. Express Capital Financing understands the needs of the modern workforce; for more great tips, contact our team today!