Express Capital Financing provides fix and flip loans in Nassau County for both single and multifamily dwellings. Since the property market is on the rise in Nassau County, more people are making lucrative careers from flipping houses. Our fix and flip loans in Nassau County cover a number of cities and towns, including:

  • Hempstead
  • Garden City
  • Long Beach
  • Jones Bbeach
  • Syosset
  • Woodbury
  • Oyster Bay
  • Manhasset
  • Woodmere
  • Oceanside
  • Freeport
  • Seaford
  • Levittown
  • Hicksville
  • Jericho

Making Use Of Fix And Flip Loans In Nassau County, NY

Purchasing properties, making renovations, and staging things for showings all take capital. Instead of using traditional lending institutions with high requirements and slow closing times, why not use a program designed specifically for fix and flip projects? At Express Capital Financing, we offer fix and flip financing in Nassau County, NY which offer benefits including:

  • Loan amounts starting at $75,000
  • Financing for single family homes, 2-4 units, and multifamily properties up to 30 units
  • We specialize in short sales
  • Foreclosures and auctions
  • Fast closings

Fix And Flip Lines Of Credit In Nassau County

For special projects, a line of credit is sometimes a better fit than a loan. We provide fix and flip lines of credit in Nassau County which feature:

  • Lines of credit up to $100 million
  • Financing for up to 90 percent of purchase
  • 95 percent of rehab
  • Most competitive rates in Nassau County
  • Fast closings
  • Minimum credit score of 620 to qualify
  • Lines of credit available for individuals, LLCs, and corporations

New Construction Financing In Nassau County, NY

For those local investors who are in the business of building and selling, we offer new construction financing in Nassau County, as well. Our program for new construction in Nassau County offers:

  • New construction loans for both single family residences and multifamily properties up to 30 units
  • Financing ranging from $75,000 up to $3 million
  • Terms up to 12 months with options for 3 month extensions
  • Funding up to 90 percent of construction costs with a streamlined draw process
  • Funding up to 75 percent of land value
  • Minimum FICO 620 to qualify
  • Multiple draws available at borrower’s discretion

Fix And Flip Projects In Nassau County Help To Improve The Local Economy

At Express Capital Financing, we see the big picture when it comes to house flipping in Nassau County, NY. Beyond generating revenue, house flippers in Nassau County have a large and positive impact on entire communities. Buying, renovating, and selling properties in Nassau County brings in new homeowners who pay local taxes, make neighborhoods safer, and spend locally. Over the past few years alone, local house flippers have boosted the local economy of a number of towns, with assistance from our fix and flip loans in Nassau County, NY.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the commercial real estate business, contact Express Capital Financing at 718-285-0806 to learn more about our fix and flip loans in Nassau County, NY.