Fix and Flip

Dig into your deal financials with our house flipping calculator for real estate investors leveraging hard money loans.

ARHouse flipping is an accessible investment strategy which has gained popularity online and on television. However, those shows use simplified math, if any at all, to demonstrate how lucrative buying and renovating houses can be. People who are new to flipping houses often overlook key expenses which can greatly impact the overall profitability of a property.

In order to assist house flippers, we have provided a free calculator to help put finances into perspective, so you know how much financing you will need to make your next fix and flip project a huge success. Our house flipping calculator helps investors weight the risks and rewards of their next projects, to ensure things stay on track and under budget.*

*For best functionality, please do not use commas when entering numbers.


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*Note: While we believe this calculator provides reasonably accurate estimates of a deal’s costs and returns, please remember that these are just estimates. These variables are subject to underwriting, as well as unforeseen expenses that may occur during the course of a deal.

*These calculations are estimates and do not include closing costs. Costs may vary based on property location.

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