Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and Flip Loans

For non owner occupied real estate investments

At Express Capital Financing we are direct lenders that have extensive experience with providing funding for acquisition & Rehab projects as well as Bridge financing. Our loan program allows for flexibility and quick access to capital that is in line with our swift underwriting procedures. We lend on loan sizes up to max of $5M on a 1 to 2 year short-term loans.

WHAT WE OFFER: Collateral based loans, up to 90% of the acquisition and 100% of the renovation cost, Closing within 5+ days, Not Credit Sensitive, Commitment In 24 Hours, Underwrite and Fund In-House.

A few pointers I would like to bring out, to show how Express Capital Financing is at the forefront of Hard Money Lending:

  • Any city, state, property
  • No prepayment penalties, you ONLY pay for what you use.
  • We offer up-to 90% of Purchase and 100% of Rehab or 75% ARV
  • No monthly minimum, where the investor is locked in for 3-6 months of payments.
  • Unlimited draws, No Lien waivers, No photos, No invoices, Simple inspection, simple draw.
  • No junk fees or Application fee
  • H.M. Rates starting from 9.75%+, based on LTV (pro rata)
  • Back office support, communicating with your third party sources, to obtain a rapid and smooth closing process, at No additional costs . (ie. attorneys / title / insurance)
  • Loans are 12 months, not 10 months where you’re paying more per dollar/ monthly payment.
  • Certainty of execution, We will NOT change the terms day before or at closing !!!
  • Proof of funds totally FREE (average costs is 250.00 for each)
  • As disbursed on the rehab portion, paying only on what you use. (savings of 50% or more on the monthly payments)
  • Exterior drive-by’s welcome with no interior access
  • Line of credit, giving you unlimited transactions, unlimited amount of financing.

Submit your deal by filling out the quick quote form on this page for no obligation or cost and get a term sheet within a few hours.

Rates & Terms

Residential Fix and Flip (Purchase and Refinance):

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Guildelines Criteria
Minimum Loan $100,000
Maximum Loan $5M
Maximum LTV 90% of purchase price 100% of rehab 75% of ARV .
Purpose Purchase
Lien Position 1st only
Timing (estimated) Term Sheet: Same Day
Terms 12-36 months
Location Nationwide
Interest Rates Starting at 9.75%+
Rehab Holdback Only incurs interest as the monies are drawn upon
Origination Fees 2+ points
Amortization Interest only
Recourse Recourse
Entity Entity
Property Types Single Family 2-4 Units, up to 100 units now available


Get preliminary approval within 24 hours.

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In order to assist house flippers, we have provided a free calculator to help put finances into perspective, so you know how much financing you will need to make your next fix and flip project a huge success.

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Express Capital Financing is proud to offer all of our services internally:

  • Closings
  • Underwriting
  • Inspections
  • Draws
  • Construction Management