Here’s a business tip you can put to use almost immediately: Hire a freelancer. Freelance work is on the rise, and Forbes has even predicted that 50 percent of the American workforce will be freelancing within a few years. This method of providing services just makes sense for countless people, and hiring such individuals is becoming an increasingly common practice for businesses. If you’re looking for the one business tip that could result in a paradigm shift for your company, then you may want to think about consulting a freelancer for your next project. You can save money and time in a few different ways when you utilize the services of freelance workers.

You Can’t Do Everything

If you operate a small business with few or no employees, then you’re probably quite familiar with the concept of spreading yourself too thinly. If you try to do everything, you could face burnout before you realize it’s happening. Instead of allowing that to manifest and potentially losing your business, consider hiring freelancers to perform tasks that you haven’t been trained to do (from managing your ledgers to writing your sales copy).

Employee Turnover Is Expensive

If you’re trying to keep regular employees but can’t pay them what they are worth, your business may experience consistently high turnover rates. Instead of keeping several employees and underpaying them, you could hire freelancers as needed. One or two salaried employees may be all you need for the daily tasks, and the rest of the workload might be distributed to freelancers on a periodic basis. Your company won’t suffer from constant turnover, and you’ll be able to pay your remaining workers (employees and freelancers) fair wages.

Time Is Money

If you know how to run your business but aren’t very organized, you could be losing a lot of money due to poor time management. A personal assistant can help you to reorganize your time. This type of freelancer might also perform the many small tasks that would otherwise consume a large portion of your workday – leaving you free to deal with the more important issues that require your attention.     

Another business tip that may be timely for you: Remember to think outside of the box. Freelancers can help you to save a lot of time and money. When your business requires funds that you don’t have available, alternative lenders may be a better option than conventional financial institutions.