David Chera is the Senior Vice President of Express Capital Financing.

David’s deep understanding of the inner workings of small business operations comes from his vast experience in a plethora of small businesses.

After working in real estate and learning the intricacies of the business, it led David to co-found Express Capital Financing, which combined his passion for real estate and financing. He efficiently guides his clients through the multiple stages of both buying and selling homes, while giving his client’s both an ethical and professional pathway to illustrate the client’s various options so that they don’t feel tied down to just one approach. David takes the time to make sure his clients are secure in their decision and have all the information necessary for them to do so. As the lead underwriter for Express Capital Financing, he has developed a foolproof process to get borrowers from application to closing in record time.

Under his leadership, Express Capital Financing has managed portfolios in excess of 50 million and has successfully closed over 200 million in loans since its inception. These loans empowered our borrowers to capitalize on potential prospects that would otherwise not be available to them through traditional means.

Name: David Chera
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 718-233-4401
Direct: 888-565-9477
Fax: 718-228-3616