David Chera is the Senior Vice President of Express Capital Financing.

David’s fervent commitment to the business and real estate finance industry, led him to co-found Express Capital Financing in 2016. As the VP and head of Underwriting and Credit, David wears multiple hats. His day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing tech integration, sales strategies, investor relations, and ensuring the seamless operation of each individual deal.

Under David’s leadership, Express Capital Financing continues to excel and has managed portfolios in excess of 200 million and has successfully closed over 500 million in loans since its inception. These loans empowered our borrowers to capitalize on potential opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them through traditional means.

With a deep understanding of finance and his commitment to excellence, David continues to pave the way for success in the ever-evolving world of lending.

Name: David Chera
Email: david@ecfnow.com
Mobile: 718-233-4401
Direct: 888-565-9477
Fax: 718-228-3616