New York State has an abundance of existing homes waiting for people with the right vision to breathe new life into them. From Nassau County on up to Clinton County, and as far west as Chautauqua, house flippers a revitalizing entire neighborhoods, which bring in new families, new jobs, and boost local economies throughout the state. NY State properties have become a veritable goldmine for ambitious house flippers.

The Market is Right for NY State Properties

NY State has entered an economic upswing. Industries across the board are trying to draw in more employees, and the various tax benefits are bringing new businesses to New York. House flippers stand to generate a lot of revenue from fixing up and selling homes throughout NY State. Simultaneously, a large number of people are looking to retire and purchase summer homes away from the city. In short, there is an abundance of people looking to purchase move-in-ready homes in NY State.

Location is Key

While there are a number of factors to take into consideration when looking for houses to flip, location still remains at the top of the list. Some people want an easy commute to work. Others want to be removed from town, but still have access to shopping within a half hour’s drive. Some people are looking to move near good schools for their children. NY State properties offer advantages to fill all of those requirements. For example, not too long ago, Columbia County underwent a major overhaul. Hudson became a revitalized cultural center, featuring incredible restaurants, night clubs, and art galleries. People were moving from NYC and Massachusetts to buy up the previously abandoned farm houses in the area. People retiring from jobs in Albany were looking to move to Columbia County. House flippers managed to stay one step ahead of the market and purchased those old homes and gave them new life to willing buyers. The market for house flippers is still far from saturated in that area, but the basic plan can be applied to almost anywhere in NY State. Even new businesses moving into areas around Rochester and Western NY are attracting house flippers looking to make a profit on the new population surge in those regions.

Getting the Right Funding

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just getting started, flipping houses requires starting capital. Express Capital Financing provides funding designed specifically for house flippers throughout NY State. From acquisitions to renovations, bridge loans, construction financing, and more, our team will work with your to create a solution tailored to your needs. Contact our offices today to get started.